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Leadership summit at NMMU Business School


Leadership summit at NMMU Business School with Prof Jansen.  Very inspirational talk for learners



LBHS learners proud to be associated with Prof Jansen, Free state university rector.

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Welcome to our Lawson Family.


The gestation period of our long-awaited website has finally birthed, with the same excitement and joy of a new-born. Thanks to all our contributors.

The Lawson family strives for ethics in hard work, to excellence in reaching the stars, hence our motto Per ardua ad astra, through hard work to the stars.

This is also reflected in our acronym which can be viewed on our website.


We want our children to grow in a happy environment, an environment not only conducive to academic excellence, but an environment for strong characters, good leaders and moral contributors to our society.

We are a very active school that offers a diverse academic choice with practicals such as Visual Art, Hospitality Studies and Music in Grade 12. All Grade 8 and 9 learners take Computer Applications Technology to accommodate modern-day technological demands. This continues as a choice subject to Grade 12.


Sports and extramural activities abound with facilities that equal the demand.

Our qualified teaching staff, highly efficient administrative team and cleaning staff ensure that we reach the stars in all our endeavours.

I pray that as you browse through our website and adopt our school as your baby, growing through childhood and adolescence to adulthood, you will support us in our growth and development culminating in success.

Thank you.


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